4 (speaking) techniques to convey your story more powerfully

"As a speaker, you have to have something to bring, you have to be able to suck people into your story." So how exactly do you do that? Based on the interview with Jaap, we have worked out 4 (speaking) techniques to get your story across (even) more powerfully for you.

What exactly is a keynote speaker?

What exactly is a keynote speaker?

A key question that we have dived into plenty recently: what exactly is a keynote speaker? What makes a keynote performance different from other presentations? And when can you call yourself a keynote speaker? Professional speaker and co-founder of The Speakers Club Niek van den Adel will answer these questions for you in this blog.

F*ck man, how important language is!

How important is your use of language, voice and articulation in speaking? In this blog, some examples and tips to take your Lingua to the next level. Continue with some practice yourself or learn something from one of the take-aways.

Why leaders can learn from Professional Speakers!

Nancy tells what you can learn from speakers in your daily or weekly talks or presentations. She gives examples and some tips to improve yourself. This is mainly based on Content, Design and Delivery. Professional speakers excel when they master all three factors and we at the Speakers Club pay a lot of attention to this.

Ego in speaker land

Niek talks about what the speaking profession does to your ego, your real self.
Shrugs, tears, loud laughter, all because of what he exhibits on that stage; it does something to his self-image. And that is what we mean by ego, a false image about your real self. Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung agreed that life is about 'getting to know your self better and better' and so you also embrace your shadow (your awkward traits).

What makes a true keynote speaker?

Finding a definition for the term 'keynote speaker' is far from easy. Whether it is because the term is not unambiguous or because it ...

Presentation Paradigm

Every person loves what they already know or at least likes to stick to what they already know rather than change and experiment. It is no different with presentations. My clients, schools and ...