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Do you want to take your public performance to the next level and increase your impact?

Whether you are - or want to become - a (professional) speaker or have an inspirational leadership role, the Speakers Club can help you take not only your presentation, but your entire performance to 'the next level'. We do so with the greatest attention to the smallest detail in terms of content, design and delivery. 

'From potential to professional'  

The Speakers Club has uniquely combined knowledge, network, profession and experience. We connect professional speakers (national and international), specialty experts, presentation designers, content & story designers and event and speaker agencies.  


With our training courses, coaching programmes and masterclasses, we make sure your presentation becomes a rock-solid performance. 

Almost all programmes offered by the Speakers Club start with a thorough intake. This is how we determine at which level you can enter and which of our professionals will guide you. Take a look at the programmes below. 


We will take up residence in the national monumental Neherlab Auditorium, the former innovative lab of PTT telecom. Thanks to its purpose, this unique location not only lends itself perfectly to facilitating (speakers') events, but the auditorium is also the perfect setting for training speakers, presenters and/or executives. Thus, we offer a stage - both literally and figuratively - to the speakers of the future in our own clubhouse.

Partners & collaborations


What is your (memorable) message and for whom is it intended? The presentation should give the audience something to think about. Therefore, it is about the content of the presentation. What needs to be said, or not said, and what structure do you keep to it? 

Speakers Club believes that successful presentations consist of the right balance of three components: memorable content, attractive design and engaging delivery. All events, coaching and programmes are built from this structure.

Content, Design & Delivery

What is your (memorable) message and for whom is it intended? The presentation should give the audience something to think about. Therefore, it is about the content of the presentation; what should (not) be said and what structure do you stick to? 

We design the structure and emotion of your story / speech / idea.  

What forms/means do we choose to convey your message? Your message will stand out even more thanks to the right, distinctive tool(s) and visuals. It can be big and compelling or small, subtle and moving - it all depends on what suits you and your story. 

We make sure you take the stage with your own unique visuals and tools, whether it's VR glasses or a stunning video! 

This is about the moment. You are face to face with your audience. The preparation was thorough and extensive. Now, it is essential that you get your message across just right. Your posture, timing, use of voice and body language make or break your performance. 

Together, we will make sure you let your audience walk away with positive, lasting memories. 


The start of every programme - including Talk Like A Pro-gramme - is a S.C.I.L. assessment, during which we map your communication style. As exclusive licensee in the Netherlands, we draw up your unique S.C.I.L. profile by means of 16 factors, divided over 4 areas. This gives you insight into your personal impact and shows where your strengths lie and what your points of improvement are!

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Of course, you can also start working on your performance yourself. On our 'Downloads' page, you will find tools that can help you on your way. Would you like to attend our events? Then check out the events page. And would you like to know which speakers we have trained? Check the Next Level Speaker page.




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