Do you remember your first school presentation?

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Speaking up is one of the biggest fears people have. In some surveys, it even ranks above the fear of death. And that is such a shame, Not only is your idea or message important, the way you share it with the world is at least as important. Yet presentation techniques are (almost) ignored in education. And that has to change, we at Speakers Club think.

We know: speaking and presenting well is a profession. That's why we help you as a teacher with Speakers Club Junior to teach every student the essential and innovative basic presentation skills. Because speaking and pitching is in every education nowadays and comes in handy in every profession, it is a real 21st-century skill.

But the way this material is transmitted to children has changed little from 50 years ago. As a teacher, how can you change this? How do you give every child the chance to have a good experience of speaking (in front of a group)?

Speakers Club Junior can help you with this.

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What are we going to do?

Train-the-trainer FOR LEARNERS

Speakers Club Junior is starting a train-the-trainer programme: we teach teachers how best to teach pupils aged 8 and up how to speak and present. A train-the-trainer day can be scheduled during a study day, for example. 

During this session, we will learn about how to build a presentation (talk): your story, your design and your presentation (see below). We will work using our own Speakers Club Junior soapbox with materials and learning methods to get started with in your classroom. It contains assignments that your students can use when preparing and practising a speech, for example. But of course you can also use the soapbox as a small stage at the front of the class. This is not only educational for the students, but also for your team and/or school! 

Order the soapbox or visit the Neherlab auditorium - a real hearing room, - with your class!  

Teaching method for speaking and presenting

Presenting for teacher and pupil

The soapbox is filled with all kinds of tools, assignments and even dress-up clothes. In addition to all the theory you receive as a teacher, you will also get to work yourself. You will receive assignments for each section that are equivalent to the ones you can give to the children. 

Based on 3 domains, the box is filled with different learning methods:  

The content of your presentation is perhaps the most important thing about your presentation. What is your message? What is your target audience? How do you categorise your presentation? What is the purpose of your presentation? The soapbox contains all kinds of tools to prepare a speaking engagement in terms of content.

At 'Your Design', we will teach you about different 'tools' available on the market in which you can create a presentation. And surprisingly, PowerPoint is not the only or most important one... In addition, you will learn how to use these tools to get your message across.

How do you tell your story in a way that gets your attention? gets? How to use your voice, your volume, your intonation? How do you use your body? And how does your presentation change if you adjust any of these things?

SPEAKERS CLUB has its own teaching venue

You are welcome to visit our Clubhouse 👋 We have 2 locations for our programmes, coaching programmes and events. Our own clubhouse, the Rijksmomumentale Neherlab Auditorium in Leidschendam, is currently under renovation. Follow us so you can follow the updates!

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