From presentation to performance! How can you make an impact? Check out the range of programmes on offer.

Talk like TO INSPIRE

As a business leader , you invest a lot of time in your organisation. How much time and attention do you devote to the kick-off speech or your final presentation? In these 2day training, you'll receive - in small groups -training by top speakers and experts to make more impact on all fronts the moment you take the stage. 


Do you want to work in a targeted way to upgrade your performance and increase your impact? Through personal coaching of our experts , you work on your impactful presentation. Whether you want to motivate your team, address shareholders or must convince Board. 

Let's create impact! 

  • 1-on-1 coaching 
  • Customized 
  • At your own pace (time)
  • S.C.I.L. assessment 


Do you want to focus on a specific part of your performance? In collaboration with the best experts, we will help you take the next step.  

Talking with more persuasion. 

Giving your performance a humorous twist. 

Presenting confidently in front of the camera. 

Really touch your audience by 'theatrizing' your presentation.  

Getting started with your next-level presentation design. 


Do you want to work on your skillset with a limited number of participants in a group ? During the Speakers Club master classes , you will zoom in on a specific part of the speakers subject with our specialists in 1-2 days time . 


Want support, coaching or a programme? Get in touch with us. You can also take a look at the download page to start working on your own development!