How to make an end-of-year or Christmas speech?

Christmas speech

With the end of the year approaching, this is the time when we always ask ourselves the question: what do I have to share during my Christmas and/or end-of-year speech? What exactly do you want to share with your colleagues (or family and friends)? How do you go about it smartly, such a speech around Christmas?

Practice, practice, practice

An hour and a half, that's how long I had to give a group of students something. So what exactly do you tell them? Many shy away from the word 'practice'. Fortunately, this need not be so scary.

4 essential tips for every (novice) speaker

Language is the only weapon we have to make what is going on inside us understandable to others, besides the body language you use. It is therefore important that your story has a logical structure. Unfortunately, we are often not taught this properly from school ...

Interview Prezi expert Spencer Waldron

With the various forms of presentation available today, it can still be quite a challenge to determine which factors contribute to a successful presentation.

That's why we sat down with Spencer Waldron, the Director of Global Communication & Remote at Prezi.

3 aspects you need to invest in as a speaker

The power of good performance, what exactly is it in?

We believe in the value of three components 'content', 'design' and 'delivery'.

But Sydney Brewer thought a little differently, namely ...

4 (speaking) techniques to convey your story more powerfully

"As a speaker, you have to have something to bring, you have to be able to suck people into your story." So how exactly do you do that? Based on the interview with Jaap, we have worked out 4 (speaking) techniques to get your story across (even) more powerfully for you.