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Learn to speak like a real pro!

Talk like a Pro-gramme

Do you already have some presentation experience and are you aspiring a professional speaking career? With Talk Like A Pro-gramme, you can lift your current performance to a higher, distinctive level under the guidance of our professional speakers and presentation experts.  

  • 6-month intensive counselling programme 
  • 6 live days + live closing event 
  • Coaching by professional speakers and experts 
  • S.C.I.L assessment (baseline measurement)
  • Access to Speakers Club (+ extras) 


Do you want to work to upgrade your performance and increase your impact in a targeted way? Through personal coaching, our experts will help you to your next level in speaking achieved. Whether you are/want to become a professional speaker or regularly give presentations for work, 1-on-1 coaching will help you tackle it thoroughly and effectively, at your own pace.  

Let's create impact! 

  • 1-on-1 coaching 
  • Custom content, design, delivery
  • At your own pace 
  • S.C.I.L. assessment 


No need for overarching coaching, but want to work specifically on your performance? Our specialisations are ideal for experienced speakers who want to expand their repertoire and work on their skills. In collaboration with the best experts, we will help you take the next step.  

Talking with more persuasion. 

Giving your performance a humorous twist. 

Presenting confidently in front of the camera. 

Really touch your audience by 'theatrizing' your presentation.  

Getting started with your next-level presentation design. 


Do you want to work on your skillset with a limited number of participants in a group ? During the Speakers Club master classes , you will zoom in on a specific part of the speakers subject with our specialists in 1-2 days time . 

Master class in professional speaking


Want support, coaching or a programme? Get in touch with us. You can also take a look at the download page to start working on your own development!