Professional speaking is a real craft, with the quality mark/predicate of the Speakers Club you show next-level quality on content, design and delivery as a professional. Upon successful completion of Talk like a Pro-gramme, the participant has permission to propagate this seal of approval within his/her network and on his/her own social channels and websites.

What is a certified professional speaker?

A Certified Professional Speaker is a speaker who can call himself 'next level speaker', for example because he/she has been trained by Speakers Club (from the Talk Like A Pro-gramme). The speaker meets the following requirements:  

We believe that good speakers excel in all aspects of a successful performance, namely inspiring content, attractive design and, of course, a memorable delivery.  

Participants who are ons programme Talk Like A Pro-gramme successfully complete will be awarded this badge and become part of our Club. But even if you have not completed this programme, but excel in all these facets of being a speaker, you can wear the Certified Professional Speaker badge and become part of our Club.

Our training and community help to ensure the quality of speakers belonging to the club. Also a condition of remaining part of the Club is adherence to our club rules, including agreements around (regular) SPEAKER to ensure quality.  

Speakers Club

Our mission is to professionalise speaking in the Netherlands (and beyond).  

Speakers Club is not a speakers' bureau. In fact, we are not in the business of booking speakers for events, we are committed to raising the level of speakers in the Netherlands to a higher level. Think of us as a seal of quality for speakers.  

From Speakers Club, we train (professional) speakers in cooperation with our network of experts. We also prepare (inexperienced) speakers for their performance at an event through targeted training courses and master classes. 

We all do that from our unique location, namely the listed Neherlab auditorium in Leidschendam-Voorburg. This is a former PTT telecom building from the 1950s which lends itself perfectly to training next-level speakers.  


Do you want to take the next step in your speaking career, become a next-level speaker and be part of Speakers Club? Apply now for your exclusive spot in Talk Like A Pro-gramme .

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